PA: 1528 Walnut St | NJ: 51 Haddonfield Rd

Network Administration & Comprehensive IT Services

We are both a leading provider of IT services to the Philadelphia legal community and one of the few network integrators who specializes in servicing law firms.

Our mission is to provide exemplary level service at competitive costs superior to what a firm’s internal IT department can provide. We shift the burden of managing your computer system from your staff to ours. We coordinate all hardware and software procurement and installation, system maintenance, and documentation. We ensure all components are compatible and configured to maximize reliability, performance, and security with the end result being lower costs and increased productivity of your staff. We provide most daily network administration tasks including setup of new users, system terminations, routine maintenance, and emergency service. We provide 24 x 7 system monitoring through our managed system provider program, Digital Watchtower.

Our core client base is from 10 to 99 users. Few firms with less than 9 employees have the technology needs compatible with the services we provide and somewhere above 100 users firms are often able to develop their own IT capabilities. We do have a number of larger clients where we support their internal IT departments with special projects.

We are not just another IT vendor. We have a unique boutique business model which is not appropriate for all, but when we fit it is the difference between a suit off the rack and custom tailoring.


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