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Computer Service Provider for Legal Community in Central Philadelphia

After graduating from Columbia University School of Engineering in 1980 John Miller, the founder and President of LANsultants, worked for various mining, oil & gas, and environmental companies in New York, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Pennsylvania for the next decade. Wanting to move back to a more urban area and realizing a common theme across his career had been implementation of PC based computer systems at almost all his positions the decision was made to use these skills to build his own computer service provider.

This led to the founding of LANsultants, Inc. in September of 1990 as Center City Computer Consultants, Inc. (C4) with the purpose of providing general computer support and networking services to professional service businesses in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. This quickly led to a focus on law firms as we perceived a market niche requiring unique skills and understanding, demand as these firms were lacking appropriate IT support, and a need for specialized software. We further honed our focus to only small to medium size firms (9 to 99 employees), and limited the geographic area we would service to Center City, Philadelphia, and New Jersey’s Cherry Hill and Haddonfield suburbs. As part of our new focus, in the fall of 1993 the company was re-incorporated as LANsultants, Inc.. Among our early activities was the development of our own law office management software, The Legal System. Though at first we thought law firm support would be one of many vertical concentrations, over time servicing law firms became our only vertical and currently provides 85%+ of our annual revenues. LANsultants is a leading provider of IT services to the small and medium size law firms in Philadelphia and the only IT vendor who makes this their specialty.

Our new strategic vision contributed to LANsultants, Inc.’s many advantages over our competitors: we have been able to develop superior expertise in computer-related issues unique to the practice of law and to obtain certification in numerous legal industry applications. As we limit ourselves geographically, we can respond rapidly and with the appropriate skills and spare parts to resolve almost any computer-related issue confronting our clients. This high level of service provided with minimal overhead led to growth during the 2001 recession as competitors wilted away unable to survive in a more demanding economy.

Our track records speaks for itself as many of our original clients from the early 1990’s are still with us after 3, 4 or even 5 upgrade cycles. They know we can be trusted, technical competent, provide exemplary service, are competitively priced, and will be treated professionally and fairly. As our staff has diverse experience and training as varied as university, technical schools to self-taught we are able to adapt to new technologies and successfully predict which are fads and what will become mainstream.

Way before it was “hot” LANsultants started the transition to being a managed services provider in 2004. As a managed services provider LANsultants focuses on preventive maintenance and predictive service, not reacting to problems. As managed services where fully implemented emergency service calls became fewer allowing for supporting the same number of clients with less staff. This positioned the company well for the great recession and while we saw no growth neither did we experience any significant downsizing either.

Looking to the future, LANsultants is ideally positioned to assist our clients make the transition to the next generation of technology whether that is Microsoft Exchange 2016, real time BDR solutions, Cloud computing, or Hybrid networks using VmWare and MS-Server 2012 with Exchange Online. Our long history of servicing the legal community provides the assurances we will be here tomorrow no matter what challenges arise in the economy or demands and disruptions of new technologies. You can count on us to be your strategic partner and function as if we were your IT department.

One of the many strengths of LANsultants is our staff. I doubt you will find a company with less turnover. For our clients this means greater familiarity with your needs and building of better relationships, cause is not that what it is all about, relationships.

The principals of LANsultants are John Miller, George Miller, Jim Bennett and Cliff Wagner. George joined the company in January 1994 and has a BA from Adelphi University. Jim joined us in early 1995 and Cliff in 1996. They both have associate degrees in electrical engineering. Four long time employees recently acquired ownership positions in the company as we prepare for the next generation to lead the company in the 21st century.


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