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Windows 10 or Else

If you want to run reliable old Windows 7 on a new PC, Microsoft might not let you. Recently, users trying to do so are seeing "Unsupported Hardware" errors when running updates. Once upon a time, Microsoft supported an operating system for a decade, but they've...

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Night Falls on Windows 7

As of November 1, new PCs will only be available with Windows 10. For a few weeks there will be Windows 7 PCs already in the distribution channel, but no more will be manufactured. What if your applications are not 100% Windows 10 compatible, or you just like the look...

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Death on a Stick

If you ever find a USB thumb drive on sidewalk, and you're curious to see what's on it, DON'T. If you're LUCKY, it's only been left behind intentionally to infect your computer with malware. If that's the case, your PC might survive. However, these days, there's a...

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Hacking for Fun & Profit

Once upon a time, hacking was a hobby.  Even after it became a business -- an extension of good, old blackmail and extortion -- it was still conducted in the Internet's back alleys, the Dark Web, where one can find everything from drugs and firearms for sale, among...

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Never Surrender

LANsultants never pays ransoms or negotiates with terrorists! Through proper perimeter security and network malware protection, the impact of ransomware across our client base has been minimized. On those occasions when ransomware has evaded our protective measures,...

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Let’s Stay Together

In a business where clients typically change vendors after one or two upgrade cycles, the average LANsultants client has been with the company for 11.76 years.  The median is 12.86 years, and the churn rate 4%. We must be doing something right.

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