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Phoning It In

In the past I found myself torn between the advantages and issues with VoIP telephone systems. Now I have found an absolute compelling reason to move to a VoIP. Verizon and other telephone service providers are no longer upgrading or even doing much in the way of...

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Chromecast, the $35 multimedia presentation solution

A very cool technology, Google's Chromecast is a low-cost alternative ($35) to pricey conference room media setups. Over your office's existing W-Fi network (there's a wired, Ethernet version, as well), your staff, or even visitors not attached to your network, can...

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Papers, Please

We are seeing an uptick in requests from Microsoft for software audits. If you receive an email or telephone call from Microsoft for a Software Asset Management (SAM) review, by all means comply. Their procedure and forms can be cumbersome as they are intended for...

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With the recent hacks of Ashley-Madison, Anthem, the US Department of Personnel Management, Home Deport, and Uber (to name a few), one has to wonder if the convenience of the cloud justifies its lack of security. If hackers can pierce the protections of these major...

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Windows 10

The official Microsoft release date for Windows 10 is July 29, and Microsoft is currently offering a free upgrade for most PCs running Windows 7. It is our recommendation that you do not take advantage of this upgrade for several months, especially on your office PCs....

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Hybrids, not pure cloud products or exclusively on-premises networks, are often the best solution for small office computer systems.Frequently, cloud-based e-mail and data backup systems often provide disaster recovery and business continuity capability lacking in...

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