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Server & Workstation Repair and Maintenance


Computer repair and application supportUsing advanced predictive analysis, we perform preemptive maintenance as alerted. This service, part of our MSP offering, prevents and minimizes most problems. In the event that something does break, we are certified by Dell and HP for server, PC, and notebook repairs. We even keep spare parts in stock to expedite computer repairs for many HP and Dell server models under service contract.

Our staff includes 14 skilled technicians, ensuring that there is almost always someone available locally to provide the quickest possible service.

Whenever possible, we will remotely access your server or PC for immediate response. This is an ideal solution for malware, firmware updates, software service patches, application installation and configuration. Someday, it will be possible to replace parts remotely. Until then, having a local technician skilled in your hardware and equipped with the right tools and parts is the next best thing, and that’s what we provide.

Application Support

Onsite support and remote assistance from someone who knows your applications, your staff, and your system configuration is an irreplaceable resource. Our staff’s areas of expertise include MS-Office, TimeSlips, QuickBooks, Time Matters, and many other legal-specific programs. We take the time to understand the unique needs of your business so we can provide tailored solutions for optimum results.

We will guide you through:

✔ Application needs analysis, especially important for database applications

✔ Installation

✔ Configuration

✔ Training

✔ Customization

Application support is not an island unto itself, which is why it’s crucial for us to integrate these services within our MSP offerings.



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