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Digital Watchtower is LANsultants’ automated Network Security for Center City Philadelphia Law Firms


What does it do?

Digital Watchtower provides Network Security and Management for our clients. Digital Watchtower sends alerts for system outages and device failures, of course, but it also monitors critical system parameters and facilitates the scheduling of proactive maintenance to ensure action is taken before problems arise. This combines the best of the “break and fix” and preventive maintenance support models. Though only-as-needed service can make break and fix appear less expensive, lack of monitoring can lead to excessive downtime when problems occur. Preventive maintenance programs suffer from excessive unneeded check-ups and oversight time. Digital Watchtower allows us to combine the best attributes of both programs, maximizing system uptime and performance while minimizing costs.

What is monitored?

Currently, LANsultants monitors server performance, free disk space, RAID array status, backup status, virus activity and definition updates, Microsoft patch level, Internet connectivity and usage, and power event logs, workstation performance and stability, and smartphone management.

What technology is used?

LANsultants uses Sonicwall Global Management System, Trend Micro Remote Management, and most importantly Managed Workplace from AVG, “the world leader in remote monitoring and management software. Manged Workplace is used by over 3,000 IT solution providers in 30 countries to deliver managed services to their small and mid-sized professional services and business customers.” Before selecting AVG, we evaluated several other products and found that AVG provides the best overall solution. Sonicwall Global Management System provides centralized Internet usage monitoring and Firewall maintenance. Trend Micro Remote Management provides single console monitoring of virus activity across our entire client base.

What does it cost?

For five (5) to nine (9) PCs and one server the cost is $110 per month. For 10 to 49 PCs and one to two servers, the cost is $210 per month. For 50 to 99 PCs and two to four servers, the cost is $320 per month. Custom pricing is available for special needs.

Does it work with all computer systems?

Digital Watchtower is intended for the Microsoft 2000, 2003, 2008, 2011, and 2012 server environments. Peer-to-peer networks, Novell NetWare, and Linux/Nitix are not currently supported.


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