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Managed Backup

It’s Not Just File Backup Anymore

How badly would a cyber security disaster or data loss incident disrupt your business? For many firms, this type of disruption would be almost catastrophic. We provide managed backup services with integrated file backup and disaster recovery, a critical business continuity solution.

✔ Is your data backup reliable and easy to use?

✔ Is it automated requiring no oversight by your or your staff?

✔ Does it make periodic backups during the work day?

✔ Does it have an onsite device for quick restores?

✔ Does it have a Cloud component for safety?

✔ Does your Cloud data center meet latest security standards, including AES-256 bit encryption, RSA SSH key, 24/7 staffing with biometric scanning and activity logging, SOC1/SSAE 16 and SOC 2 compliance, and have a TIER-3 rated data center with guaranteed 99.982% uptime?

✔ Can you spin-up your servers in the Cloud for disaster recovery?

✔ Does your data retention exceed 1 year?

Our clients can answer an emphatic “yes” to all these important questions, which means that their business would continue to thrive even in the event of a major data or cyber security incident. Call us today to learn more about our managed backup services!



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