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Not Just Another Web Page

Web design and development is more than an online brochure, it serves a purpose to drive customers to you. Your website should function as an extension of your marketing and sales team.

Mobility counts: today, users are just as likely to access your webpage through a smart device, such as a phone or tablet, as a computer. In fact, mobile device use recently outpaced that of desktop computers. Does your website adequately serve this key demographic?

✔ Is your website smartphone ready?

✔ Has your website been updated recently to look fresh and new, with current content?

✔ Do you periodically test email from your website?

✔ Do you have an SEO program?

One of the most common errors a firm makes with its website is failing to identify its purpose. Most web pages serve multiple purposes but prioritizing the importance of each of these roles directly impacts design. We’ll help you assess your site’s primary purpose:

✔ Is your website intended to validate the beliefs of potential clients who are already thinking about using you?

✔ Is your website part of a comprehensive online marketing program integrated with Facebook and pay-per-click?

✔ Is your website’s primary purpose to disseminate information to existing clients, staff, and vendors?

Tip: Make your web page the default home page in your own browser. This will alert you to problems and serve as a reminder to schedule updates.

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